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Would You Marry Me?

Not directed at anyone in particular, mind.

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Not For Love

My love is unconditional and requires no civic stamp of approval. (Anyone who knows me is well aware that any form of church-sanctioned anything is out of the question.) If we are in love, then you love the me who wouldn't sully it with some binding legalese. Nor would I put even metaphorical chains on anyone. If you don't want to be with me any more, nothing should keep you from following your own path. Especially not the stress and acrimony of unbinding that contract.

Not For Money

Right now I have none, for one thing. While I expect I'll end up with buckets of the shit when Miao hits, I'll share that freely and with as many people as I can anyhow. No need to put a ring on anyone for that. My love has no price, either. It's priceless... Or worthless, you decide.

For Safety, Opportunity, Citizenship

Would you marry me for the chance at Canadian citizenship?

No strings attached, no expectations, though I would hope we would keep in touch and be friends. If there is still some kind of consummation clause I suppose we'd either have a quickie to make it legal or actually enjoy ourselves, but either way the point isn't to fuck, I won't put a price on that either, and it's definitely not to procreate (not an option for me).

But Canadian citizenship is priceless, and it's a gift I can give, once, and will never otherwise be able to. Whether you're already living in Canada, would like to immigrate, or are at risk and a potential refugee, having our social safety net to catch you, the opportunities our culture and (from what I know of it) economy can offer, the safety of a peace-loving nation, the security of being thought of as friendly and/or harmless around the world, our rights and freedoms have value beyond filthy money.

If marrying for love of humanity is not justified in the eyes of some fuckwit with a stamp, then I'll cheerfully lie by telling the truth.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I love you enough to offer the most precious gift I have to give.

And I defy anyone to find me lying there, or in any way wrong.

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