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The Face Of The Evil Socialist Menace

That's right, it's Miss Sweden 2017. Oh, the evil. So very, very evil...

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This is a popular Twitter meme portraying the evils of socialism

Propaganda, Turning Point USA, Fraud, Ignorance, Hatred, Stupidity, Stalin, USSR, Not In Any Way Socialist, Pot–Kettle–Black, 44% Millennials Probably Better Off Socialist than Capitalist, etc., etc.

Where to begin? Bullet points it is, then.

  • Where did you churn up that statistic, for one?
  • You claimed (in the Tweet that I nicked this image from) that today's generation is so poorly educated and informed that they would consider socialism, having never learned what it is like to live in a socialist society, or ever been to a socialist country.
  • You then provided this as your example. I am forced to point out that that image of a uniformed soldier terrorizing innocent civilians is an artifact of the Stalin–era USSR, which was certainly a totalitarian regime, absolutely practiced the communist economic model, tragically (really, that's not nearly strong enough a word) put 20,000,000 — that is TWENTY MILLION of their own people to death... NONE of which has even remotely anything to do with socialism.
  • Another example from your tweet (note to self, screencap said tweets for inclusion in this post) you showed pictures of decaying apartment blocks in Bulgaria as an example of the quality of life in a socialist country. To which I must reply that...
    • While they looked pretty crapped out, it wasn't as bad as say, Detroit. I mean, let's keep things in perspective.
    • Bulgaria is also not and has not been a socialist nation. It was a communist Soviet satellite state, which didn't have a reputation for being the nicest places to live, I agree, but again, that is the Soviet–style totalitarianism and communist economic model's decaying artifacts, nothing whatsoever to do with socialism.
    • In fact, I have an image that should serve as a recognizable representation of a socialist building and furnishing model:
IKEA, Swedish, Furniture, Hellish to assemble, socialist country, not in any way communist

Admittedly, they are bastards for the way the instructions never seem to match the pieces, and there are always too many, or too few pieces, and if we're being honest, IKEA is kind of disposable, not exactly Heritage quality furnishings, but definitely not mouldy, decaying apartment blocks in BULGARIA, which, again, was a member of the communist Eastern Bloc. Behind the Iron Curtain.


Neither of which are, were, or have ever been socialist.

Which Inevitably Leads To The Elephant In The Room

Gathering of German National Socialist Party (NAZI) officials. No jokes here. EVIL.

The Nazis.

If some readers, I would assume younger, less worldly ones, are wondering what the Nazis are doing here, and I do not present that image gladly, it is because the official, full name of the Nazis was the German National Socialist Party.

Hard to get around that at first glance. But in fact the Nazis were no more representative of a functional, ideologically recognizable socialist society than the US is today. They chose the word socialist to evoke the imagery associated with prosperous, functioning socialist countries, not coincidentally their neighbours, such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark... All socialist societies, none of which actively engage in genocide, or even particularly shoddy building practices.

As a matter of fact, the Scandinavian countries consistently rank at or near the top of most lists of the best places to live in terms of quality of life, standard of living, etc.

And so, the face of socialism revealed!

Miss Sweden, face of Socialism, not at all horrifying to look upon

That's right. It's MISS SWEDEN 2017. Tremble in fear! Don't dare look directly at her, lest you go blind, and be afflicted with horrible swelling!


For fuck's sake.


But, because this is a rigorously researched and carefully prepared dissertation, I will be thorough about this and so, for completeness' sake...

More of the horrifying faces of socialism unmasked!

Miss Norway 2017, also very hot, also from a socialist country, also in no way evil or horrifying

Oh, for mercy's sake, cover your eyes, it's MISS NORWAY 2017.

When will the socialist scourge ever end? Will it? (Would you want it to?)

Don't worry, ladies or gents who prefer, well, gents over ladies, I've kept you in mind, but let me finish ripping the veils of secrecy from the feminine faces of evil. Chances are, the fuckwits who buy into this socialism is the war–mongering scourge of civilization are really unfortunate genetic waste material of a typically male and frequently unshowered, of slovenly disposition, and prone to pickup trucks on blocks, Confederate flags, and all the rest of what that implies.

And so, on to...

The horror! The horror! Make it stop, mommy, make it stop!

Miss Denmark 2017, still socialist, still not horrifying, still blonde, they do seem to grow a lot of them there

MISS DENMARK 2017. Apparently, the face of socialist evil is blonde.

(Moment of seriousness, there are people of every ethnic background in Scandinavia, as are there people with swarthier colouring, and many are, if you will believe me, not five foot eleven, statuesque and gorgeous by conventional standards of beauty. But that is not the point I am making in this decidedly off–colour but true blue intentioned post.)

I could go on. And I just might, if provoked. There's still Finland which is debatably not Scandinavian (I understand that there's some debate on this subject), but they are as far as I remember socialist.

Greenland. Iceland. The Faroe Islands. All kinds of Scandinavian, socialist, non–aggressive, progressive, prosperous, environmentally conscious populations. This is the enemy you're trying to sell?

Taking points away from Norway for their whaling and overfishing practices, though.

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