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    Currently under revision to add additional context and clarity, excerpt Socrates; re-publishing date imminent.


    'I Searched Myself,' Heraclitus & Socrates On Wisdom is a seminal offering in the field of Philosophy. Considered 'nimis obscurē' or 'too obscure' by academics for 2½ millennia, he is presented clearly here in lesson format for those who would profit from the teachings of the man who, it is now evident, was the most significant of the exclusive fraternity of Ancient Greeks who laid the foundation of Western thinking along with his predecessors Socrates (of particular significance), Plato and Aristotle.


    Scholars may sniff at my uneducated take from their ivory towers, but I in turn am inclined to gently point out that they admit, freely, to having failed to fully parse him, so perhaps a fresh approach and perspective were what was needed all along.

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    Of particular relevance considering the current state of affairs in the US of late, always for true patriots only.


    Power to The People – American Cultural History and Revolutionary Values Revisited, written with the conceit of naming Thomas Jefferson as co-author, as he is quoted extensively, is a narrative look at America today through the lens of Jefferson's thoughts on a wide range of relevant and timely topics, with further commentary from the author’s perspective and modern point of view.


    An unflinching, informed and unbiased take on the issues at the forefront of current affairs and several which should be, Power to The People is a love letter of sorts, written to the people of a once-great nation in the hope that an injection of much-needed context and perspective might contribute to a new American Revolution.

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    I'd planned to take a break from writing and focus on My Miao, but I've been rethinking my approach to getting Heraclitus of Ephesus read, recognized and relevant, my current edit now titled On Wisdom and spinning Socrates off as his own Steve Jobs' Wish for An Afternoon With.


    I've decided to list all of my unfinished business here, including my planned attempts at novels, which will be published, assuming no major house comes knocking, not as a Bubo Book (non-fiction) but under the Neuromancy Online imprint.

    Il Divino, Michelangelo’s Hidden Legacy

    Working title and cover.


    I am very aware just how much I might appear to be presuming when I suggest that I have certain insights into Michelangelo – my closest equivalent to God – and his intentions. I struggled long and hard with the notion of offering anything relating to Il Divino for public perusal but in time I grew more confident.


    If I see something, it is because it was meant to be seen by the greatest communicator in human history. If I fail to convince, to 'show my work' then, well, I might well be wrong. It won't be the thousand and thirty first time.


    My humble insights into Renaissance artist and singular thinker Michelangelo's famous lesson, as manifested by his sculpture David, with regards to the type of mind he considered possibly worth his time to teach and one intensely personal way in which these minds can and have tended to seek expression today, as well as a narrative take on his famous painting of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling frescoes.


    Est. publication date 2019.

    An Afternoon With Socrates

    Remembering Steve Jobs' Wish


    Work In Progress.


    New context and insight into Socrates' thoughts, lessons and other questions that have puzzled those who've studied him since his death, excerpted from my book 'On Wisdom.'


    Intended to blow Steve Jobs' mind, albeit tragically too late to do so, this collection of coherent, convincing and compelling new insight into Socrates, gleaned entirely by accident while parsing his great influence, Heraclitus of Ephesus, is intended to be a free, hopefully widely-circulated pamphlet, so minds greater than mine and voices far more eloquent might begin a discussion that, I hope, in time will both delight and enlighten, as well as bringing attention to the 'famously obscure' Heraclitus' teachings as well..


    Est. publication date mid 2019.

    Quoting Inspiration, Genius And The Ways They Have Influenced Me

    Working title and cover

    Inspired by a modest collage I assembled in 1997 and recently tripped over for the first time in years. Other than being great spirits and geniuses of one variety or another, what they have in common is that SJ stole their shine for Apple's 1997 Think Different ad campaign, which being the sucker I was I duly obliged, with these four as my carefully chosen role models.


    Michelangelo, as always, remains well beyond my comprehension, if not my abject awe. If I see anything in his work it's because it was meant to be seen.

    The Vatican Mythology, One Atheist's Understanding

    Working title and cover.


    This is an attempt to examine the origins of the Vatican theocracy, not Christianity itself, to separate truths from fiction in order to present what the author believes to be important, relevant, reasoned suppositions concerning this millennia-old, horrifically corrupt, repressive and at times outright murderous institution, both in light of its past and ongoing transgressions and with an eye to its role, if any, going forward in these hopefully more tolerant and inclusive times.


    My convictions, however, coupled with research done both while writing previous books and specific to this topic has proven too convincing to me not to express my beliefs and observations, supported by as many facts and relevant anecdotes or quotations as I can assemble, including what I hold to be a cohesive, compelling and condemnatory 'last judgment' rendered by none other than Il Divino himself, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni.


    Est. publication date late 2019/early 2020.

  • For Desmond Coburn

    So, just to let you know, I’ve mentioned it before but YHWH was not originally a Hebrew concept, that name (the original Hebrew form of Yahweh, which is of course ‘God’ as recognized in the subsequent sequels, Catholicism and Islam, etc.) belonged initially to a Sumerian storm deity with a flood you may have heard of already associated.


    This was unknown during biblical times because the entirety of the Middle East had, quite seriously, forgotten all about the thousands of years more ancient civilizations that preceded them on account of they’d literally been lost to the sands of time, as in buried under archaeologically significant tons and tons of sand and totally wiped away until excavations rediscovered them much, much later.


    From Sumerian, civilization moved along to Mesopotamian (Assyria, Babylon), then somehow ‘Semitic’ (there were multiple branches, at least an Eastern [Ishtar] and Northwestern [Astoreth]; both being incarnations of the same “unrelated to YHWH except insofar as both evolved from [Inanna], the Sumerian original who went on to become known as [Astártē] (Levantine, as in Canaan and Phoenicia), and from there [Aphrodite] (Greek) and finally [Venus] (Roman).


    All the same goddess, appearing in recognizably similar form in subsequent cultures and their respective pantheons, spanning thousands and thousands of years.


    Now, the thing that’s curious to me is that the Hebrews obviously carried some memory, be it in the form of actual religious tablets (clay tablets, suspiciously like the Ten Commandments were apparently carved from or otherwise resembled being about as literate as Humanity was in that region at that time; Sumerian is literally the oldest identifiable language, and it is apparently still pretty baffling to linguists) or oral traditions, which in time became Judaism.


    What makes me wonder is just how much Judaism retains of its pre-Hebrew origins. This is not some conspiracy theory wondering or speculating as I do about the Vatican/Catholicism usurping a very real person named Jesus of Nazareth and nailing him to a…


    There is absolutely in no way was he actually crucified in the way depicted by the Catholic church and thus inherited by Protestants, eventually Muslims, and other assorted spin-off sects like Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and what have you; it’s physically impossible.


    The Romans also are well known to have used crucifixion as an execution method, but weirdly the actual crucifixes were, well, shaped like an actual cross, which is to say an ×, not like a † so that, you know, the laws of physics could apply and have them not fall over.


    The crosses, not the people lashed to them. Who were also apparently rarely if ever nailed to them in any meaningful way, though I have no doubt that having nails driven through your wrists and such must be all kinds of flaming, savage agony but they didn’t actually support any body weight that way, since once again, the laws of physics as confirmed by lots of doctors tells us that you would simply, by which I mean excruciatingly have the nails torn through your thin little bones in your wrists, forearms never mind palms and fall to the ground; those crucified were lashed, as in tied to those crosses.


    The people executed died of asphyxiation as, with their arms raised above their heads and all that gravity pulling on them, eventually either their shoulders got torn from their sockets or their lungs filled with fluid. So, in that sense three days is actually about right for a healthy, adult male.


    And why might this be relevant? Because the idiots behind the Vatican who obviously wrote the New Testament, and what a pile of contradictory nonsense that is, but in so doing also ‘wrote’ the Old Testament, since there wasn’t one before Catholicism, just the Torah and the Talmud, but since they are kind of written in Hebrew and decidedly take a very, very different approach to the whole thing, and I must note that theirs is the original approach, which no one disputes, except the Sumerians and they’ve been gone since before there were books of any kind.


    But basically, what I am saying is that they had no idea how people were crucified because they were illiterate mobsters, not historians; which doubly explains why St. Peter is ten kinds of bullshit because, well, for 1. If he had existed, and also been crucified [and there is a fuckton much less evidence of any kind that he did.


    Compared to say, Jesus of Nazareth] then the Romans would absolutely not have humoured him and crucified him upside-down since that would defeat the entire purpose of death by gravity and he’d just fall off on his head; 2. Hence the whole ‘Satanist’ cross [as in upside-down, which is not Satan, it’s the POPE; it’s the upside-down cross on the Papal Throne, St. Peter’s Cross; either way, they had no idea what they were talking about…]


    Also is that the Protestant Bible, which as I understand it is pretty much universally some variant of the King James, is also a Catholic invention.


    If you want to study Biblical times, I’d actually recommend you find a Rabbi and go over how the significant ‘God and Moses and so on and so forth’ down to about Year 0 c.e., which is when a very real person named Yeshua (or something spelled approximately like that)1 was born in Nazareth, did live and I am pretty certain did some absolutely fabulous things for Humanity.


    All without needing a cop-out like having some lesser Sumerian storm god for an absentee father, much less being a willing sucker for the Vatican to martyr.


    1 I actually pulled that one out of old, unused dusty memory, and am pretty impressed that I got it right, as the Word version of this I emailed you does not, you might eventually note, include the wiki'd bit on the etymology of Jesus at bottom, right.


    Because whatever the differences are, the Jews are pretty well-known for precisely never, ever editing or altering their sacred texts, as opposed to…


    I take it you get the message I’m flinging in your general direction here. Just keep in mind, there was no such thing as the Old Testament before the New Testament.


    So, the Vatican mobsters just took whatever they felt like they could get away with from the original Jewish faith and traditions, fiddled with it however was clever, and voilà.


    Which is my problem with Christianity. It’s not the people today. It’s that the whole thing is based on such a pile of textual and contextual idiocy. If you or anyone else chooses to study Jesus of Nazareth, from a point of view relating him to something divine or not, why the Hell not study HIS actual Gospel?


    You know, the one very notably not in the books because the Vatican, once it was discovered and all studies concluded that it came from the right time, the right place, etc.


    I mean Christian Fundamentalists are every bit as odious as Islamic Fundamentalists, as any fundamentalists whatsoever in any walk of life are invariably shitheads. Fundament is the root word to fundamentalist, not Foundation. Fundament means one thing, and one thing only; excrement. Words have actual meanings, after all.


    …which no one anywhere, ever, at all argues is not in fact the signature document introduced by Catholicism, as in it did not exist with the ‘sign of the fish’ Christians or whatever who may or may not have existed beforehand, since they didn’t, you know, leave any trace not attributable to the Catholic Church.


    All centuries and millennia before Protestants came about when the original Martin Luther nailed a lengthy list of complaints about the Vatican to a church door somewhere.


    If you haven’t read it, by the way, I have.


    And you know what? It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read, period. I am tearing up now just writing these very words, and I haven’t looked at it for at least twenty years. So long, in fact, that I cannot say one way or the other whether it purports to be the words of the ‘son of God’ or just Yeshua the almighty amazing individual.


    ‘Seek and you will find me…’


    That, there.


    Not the nonsensical Testaments, which means another thing altogether as well. And not Islam, either. I know you give me grief because I have nothing against Muslims, any more than I have anything against Christians or anyone else not batshit insane like Scientologists or whatever.


    But I do have a problem with the whole Prophet (be it Jesus, Muhammad or Joe Smith in Utah, though he actually dreamt up the Book of Mormon in Mississippi) nonsense. Because what comes from it is invariably ‘years after the Prophet in question is no longer around to offer his opinion on live TV, those words are getting fiddled with, and Islam’s one unpardonable sin to me is the hideous way it treats women.


    Just as Christianity does.


    But notably not in any way remotely like Judaism. I guess that when the proto-Hebrews settled down from wherever they’d wandered after Sumerians were out, and only brought YHWH with them, leaving [Ishtar, Astoreth, Inanna, Astártē, Aphrodite, Venus, etc.] behind they just had the good sense not to try oppressing the ever-loving Hell out of their wives, mothers, sisters, daughters…


    Oh, interesting note, by the way. In the original, unchanged Hebrew version, Eve was not in any way made from Adam’s rib.


    That is a bullshit translation error or a deliberate subjugation of women, a sure sign of shit wherever I find it.


    Eve was made, if you credit this particular origin story, by God to be Adam’s babe; but she was created to be by his side, as an equal, not from his side by springing out of his spleen or whatever. Why the Hell would God need the 'original spare rib' to create Woman if he’d just created Man out of thin air? Did he forget how already?


    Though given the utter misery that was trying to come to grips with the whole Job non-possibly not retarded being pretty much the straw that broke this camel's back when it came to faith, maybe. All-knowing, all-powerful, cannot be wrong, but still needs to torture the guy?


    "How much do you love me? Do you love me this much?" [plague] "This much?" [genital rash] "How about..." [frogs?] It simply offends both my sense of Human decency and any sort of credibility I might accord the sort of idiots who penned that.


    No, that’s just more Vatican fuckwittery that has bled through down the millennia until people who forget that the original source material is still out there just accept whatever they’ve been told by rote is so because it always has been so… to their family, ancestors, etc.


    Remember, I work with Heraclitus, Socrates, etc., on a pretty damned near daily basis of late. I am quite used to sourcing very old documents and to doing my own verifying and finding accurate, trustworthy transliterations when need be. Dating back to, well, long before 0 c.e., so a little extra homework does not daunt me in the slightest.


    As an aside, I've nicked this from the vast wilds of the Internet for your convenience:


    Yeshua (ישוע, with vowel pointing יֵשׁוּעַ – yēšūă‘ in Hebrew) was a common alternative form of the name יְהוֹשֻׁעַ ("Yehoshua" – Joshua) in later books of the Hebrew Bible and among Jews of the Second Temple period. The name corresponds to the Greek spelling Iesous, from which, through the Latin Iesus, comes the English spelling Jesus.

  • My Online Venture

    My Miao is a project I would like to launch, a venture into online businesses with socially-conscious values and an unapologetic philosophy of embracing everyone, whatever their gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, political, cultural or religious beliefs, etc., as long as they respect others equally in turn.


    If you'd like to learn more, please use the contact form at the bottom of this site or email me at ross@my-miao.com. There's a fair bit I haven't shared on the site, in the interests of not giving everything away for free, but I am pretty confident that I can show how and where and why My Miao will be the next iteration of certain social media niches and very confident that I have, or can design her to be all she could be, and to communicate that vision effectively to coders, graphists, etc.


    I am particularly interested in meeting potential co-founders and/or mentors, and of course possible investors would not be unwelcome. I believe that for modest initial funding, followed by a very reasonable seed round once partially established, that My Miao can, if development, deployment, partnering and advertising efforts reach their intended audiences, reasonably target eight- to, if scaled wisely and the many pitfalls of startup successes navigated, in time low ten-digit annual revenue figures with the potential to continue growing both horizontally and vertically.


    It's about design and staying lean, curious and clever, with vision and values properly aligned, not reinventing any unnecessary wheels, technologically speaking.

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