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    Thinking Different 1997–2018

    Thinking Excellently 2014–2018 • Writing Well 2018 –

  • My Books

    I am making good progress on both the new, lesson-based Heraclitus exposition "I Searched Myself" and with "Power to The People," which I've been neglecting for some time but have found renewed enthusiasm by keeping away from Twitter.

    I Searched Myself – Heraclitus, Socrates and Thinking Excellently

    Revised and re-imagined version of my previous book, Heraclitus – Nimis Obscurē.


    However controversial my claim, it is in fact the only coherent, cohesive and compelling interpretation of Heraclitus of Ephesus' Fragments, including a thorough exposition of his famously obscure definition of Lógos, or Reason as pertaining to his and other seminal philosophers who followed him's use of the term and, in an unexpected development that shocked the author, his teachings are shown to be reflected in Socrates' own methods and intentions.


    Scholars may sniff at my uneducated take from their ivory towers, but I in turn am inclined to gently point out that they admit, freely, to having failed to fully parse him for some twenty-five hundred years now, so perhaps a fresh approach and perspective were what was needed all along.

    Power to The People

    Co-authored with Thomas Jefferson (in absentia), Power to The People is a narrative look at America today through the lens of Jefferson's thoughts on a wide range of relevant and timely topics, with further commentary from the author’s perspective and modern point of view.


    An unflinching, informed and unbiased take on the issues at the forefront of current affairs and several which should be, Power to The People is a love letter of sorts, written to the people of a once-great nation in the hope that an injection of much-needed context and perspective might contribute to a new American Revolution.

  • Books in Progress

    These books represent the current extent of my ambitions as a writer. I hope they will find their audiences and spark some form of lasting discussions, involving minds brighter than mine and voices more eloquent.

    Michelangelo, Writing, Art, Philosophy, History, Social Change, Think Different

    Il Divino, Michelangelo’s Famous Lesson

    Working title and cover

    I am very aware just how much I might appear to be presuming when I suggest that I have certain insights into Michelangelo – my closest equivalent to a God – and his intentions. I struggled long and hard with the notion of offering anything relating to Il Divino for public perusal but in time I grew more confident.


    If I see something, it is because it was meant to be seen by the greatest communicator in human history.


    My humble insights into Renaissance artist and singular thinker Michelangelo's famous lesson, as manifested by his sculpture David, with regards to the type of mind he considered possibly worth his time to teach and one intensely personal way in which that mind manifests today, as well as a narrative take on his famous painting of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling frescoes.


    Est. publication date 2019

  • About The Author

    Much Ado About?

    My name is Ross Coburn. I am a writer, self-publisher and aspiring social media founder from Montréal, Québec, Canada.


    I am also neuro-atypical, being both on the Autism spectrum (opinions vary as to just where and any diagnosis came much too late in my life to matter much in any event, other than to give friends and family cause to nod sagely and tell me they're not surprised), Hyperlexic, which ordinarily wouldn't be of much use once I did learn to read and write, however unusually early in life (age two) but, in my case, I suspect might play a role in some of my lingually slurvy talents, and saddled with other, less pleasant labels such as BPD and social anxiety disorder.


    None of which really explains my by now predictable talent for putting together widely disparate facts and concepts in new and occasionally significant or relevant ways. I have a few additional thoughts concerning this topic but, I hasten to point out, not the slightest grounding in any relevant neurological or cognitive sciences.


    This is no accident. I've developed a healthy respect for what I believe to be my subconscious mind's penchant for seizing on some concept or topic and obsessing over it behind my back, as it were. When that topic is one of interest to me, it can result in apparently unnervingly quick relating of otherwise disparate facts or ideas, effectively presenting me with fully-formed ideas or observations which occasionally prove to have significance to people who have studied or practice the subject matter in question.


    But, should it seize upon some stray fact or theory concerning matters of, for example, neuro-atypical diagnosis or (likely mis-) understanding of mental illness, then I may instead be presented with a uniquely unpleasant and difficult to shake type of hypochondria, whatever fragment of scientific research material or utterly uninformed notion I'd tripped over having screwed itself down tightly, as it were, again while I wasn't looking.


    The term Savant Syndrome has been advanced, though I refused to be poked or prodded any further on the subject, but if it is in fact somehow related to that less than fully understood manifestation of uncanny talent, typically as I understand it involving counting, grouping, associating... Then I may have some insight worth at least some consideration by actual scientists in the relevant fields.


    Or I could be following my navel-gazing tendencies towards the cliff's edge, which is another reason that I rarely dwell on these idea(s).


    As to my skills as a writer, two decades of intensive, extended immersion in what would come to be labelled as social media has left me with a number of bad habits which I am working to correct, so I'm not as polished or organized as I should be, all things considered, though I'm not a total hack or anything.

  • My Online Venture

    My Miao is a project I would like to launch, a venture into online businesses with socially-conscious values and an unapologetic philosophy of embracing everyone, whatever their gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, political, cultural or religious beliefs, etc., as long as they respect others equally in turn.


    If you'd like to learn more, please use the contact form at the bottom of this site or email me at ross@my-miao.com. There's a fair bit I haven't shared on the site, in the interests of not giving everything away for free, but I am pretty confident that I can show how and where and why My Miao will be the next iteration of certain social media niches and very confident that I have, or can design her to be all she could be, and to communicate that vision effectively to coders, graphists, etc.


    I am particularly interested in meeting potential co-founders and/or mentors, and of course possible investors would not be unwelcome. I believe that for modest initial funding, followed by a very reasonable seed round once partially established, that My Miao can, if development, deployment, partnering and advertising efforts reach their intended audiences, reasonably target eight- to, if scaled wisely and the many pitfalls of startup successes navigated, in time low ten-digit annual revenue figures with the potential to continue growing both horizontally and vertically.


    It's about design and staying lean, curious and clever, with vision and values properly aligned, not reinventing any unnecessary wheels, technologically speaking.

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